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Explosive expert report reveals new emissions tricks

A recent software assessment reveals eight previously unknown defeat devices in Mercedes diesel cars. In real road operation, they significantly reduce exhaust gas purification. This has also been confirmed by the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (Environmental Action Germany): Their exhaust gas measurements prove that the legal limits on nitrogen oxide emissions are exceeded by up to five times in real-world driving. And this despite the fact that Mercedes had always denied using illegal defeat devices.

For affected Mercedes diesel drivers, this means: they paid full price for a vehicle that was already defective at the time of sale. Legally, this can be considered fraud. These consumers are clearly entitled to a considerable compensation payment.

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Things are getting tough for diesel drivers: not only do they have repeated recalls, driving bans and rising costs to deal with, in many cases they are also facing financial damages caused by a massive loss in the value of their vehicle, often up to 50 percent.

The only way out of this diesel trap for the consumer is to take concrete action. In the Volkswagen scandal, hundreds of thousands of those affected have already gone to court – and won. The company has so far been forced to pay billions in compensation to consumers. And even today, diesel drivers can expect compensation of up to 30,000 euros.

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Milberg leads class action in Opel emissions scandal

Did Opel install defeat devices in 600,000 vehicles? More than half a million Opel drivers in the UK could receive compensation in the wake of a new lawsuit filed by Milberg London LLP. The vehicles ended up emitting more pollution that than was promised and, therefore, were already worth less than their sticker price when when they were bought. Compensation for each diesel driver could amount to several thousand euros.
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Defective steering system in VW and Audi vehicles

Were defective steering chain systems installed in VW and Audi models and sold in the UK? Experts believe that this could result in consequential damage and catastrophic engine failure. The financial risk lies solely with the consumer, as the cost of repairing the damage can amount to several thousand euros. Milberg has now launched an investigation and is not ruling out going to court over the matter.
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Milberg secures $4 billion for insurance policyholders

In a landmark case nationwide, Milberg secured $4 billion in compensation for defrauded insurance policyholders. As the lead legal firm in the case, Milberg represented consumers who suffered financial loss as a result of improper sales practices by U.S. insurance company Prudential.
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Volkswagen scandal: billions in compensation

In 2015, the VW Group admitted to defrauding millions of consumers worldwide. The company had installed illegal defeat devices in well over 10 million diesel vehicles and sold them to unsuspecting consumers. The Group has already been forced to pay billions in compensation. Further legal proceedings are still ongoing and new waves of lawsuits are already being planned.
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Securities fraud: $100 million in compensation

In cooperation with another legal firm, Milberg secured damages of $100 million for affected U.S. consumers In a valuation fraud case; the case involved dozens of false or misleading statements for which the media company Vivendi was held liable.
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